How to download install, setups, and use QuickBooks database server manager?

Quickbooks Database Server Manager

QuickBooks database server manager is a very useful and powerful tool developed by intuit that can help every Quickbooks user to use their company file in multiple computers or systems. It helps Quickbooks users to monitor their multi-user network. You just need to have a QuickBooks database server manager. The main point is without this tool you can not use the multi user mode.

These are some important steps that can help download QuickBooks database server manager.

If you want to download QuickBooks database server manager then you have to follow some important steps given below:

  • First you need to open Quickbooks installation
  • Make sure system is connected to internet and the click next
  • Here you will get the agreement, read it carefully and you have to accept their terms and conditions for further process.
  • Now select the establishment method.
  • Put the product key or license key
  • Now it will ask for Allow access click on yes.

Ways to setup QuickBooks database server manager

  • Download the latest updated version of Quickbooks Desktop.
  • Reboot Quickbooks desktop and QuickBooks database server manager
  • Now you will get a popup message: the company file should be updated to be work with latest version of QuickBooks desktop
  • Now first you have to make a backup to keep safe your data or you will lose your data
  • Now open the company file as your data backup is completed.

Where can you use QuickBooks database server manager ?

  • To open QuickBooks database server manager it will help you
    • Press the Windows button on the keyboard.
    • Select the QuickBooks
  • How to scan folders
    • Open QuickBooks database server manager.
    • Now select the scan folders.
    • In case if you don’t know the location of the company file you can scan the entire drive.
    • Now scan.
  • Some important features of QuickBooks database server manager.
    • Check and decide how many company files are connected.
    • Keep an eye and track the activities and check how many users are logged in.

Steps to update Quickbooks database server manager

  • Check the official intuit website to download the latest updated version of QuickBooks database server manager.
  • Reboot the QuickBooks database server manager to continue your work.
  • Now follow the displayed steps to complete update after that you can use the file

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