Tech Startup Idea: Top 5 Trending Tech Startup Idea

Tech Startup Idea

Welcome readers to our Hope all are doing well; we knew your problem. Most people have to lose their job due to the corona epidemic. The BBC report says more than 2.7 million people have rustic from companies. And there is no hope for the new job in the market until at least one year.

So if you want to survive in this world, you have to do your own small business. And you have seen tech companies are still giving work from homework to unemployed peoples. So why not you try to open a tech business. So let’s come with me to know the best tech startup ideas. 

What is Tech Startup

A Tech startup is a technology-based business, where you have to sell your goods & services online or offline. It has two variant one is selling goods like smartphones, kitchen appliances, and technical gadgets. 

On the other hand, you can provide online services like laptop/computer repair, online teacher, online blogging, and SEO services. 

Overall technical startup business is based on online business, where you sell your item worldwide or nationwide. So let’s see the best tech startup ideas that you can do easily.

Top 5 Trending Tech Startup Ideas

As you know, the demand for new technologies is increasing day by day. Even mobile data users also increase in 2020. And they will be growing readily in the coming future. To keep all these things in our mind, we can start our tech startup by following the below ideas. So lessee top 5 trending tech startup ideas.

1 SEO (Digital Marketing Company)

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and its an online technical business. SEO is a part of the digital marketing industries, where you can start your own small business easily with a small amount of investment. 

According to Wikipedia, SEO is a reliable industry to make online money. Suppose you want to online business, then its the best tech startup idea for everyone. But for the SEO business, you should have good knowledge of SEO and good writing skills. 

So if you don’t know about it, don’t worry, you can learn free SEO techniques from youtube. There are many prebuild videos available on several youtube channels. After learning, you will need some tools to start your online digital marketing business.

  • The domain name (online web address for your company)
  • Web hosting (Online space where your website will be store)
  • For the beginner, you can use pre-post and small seo tools to examine your website status.
  • Keyword research tool.

When you purchase all these things, then you will need to purchase a well designed and responsive website theme for your domain. Website themes are already available for free on And when you start earning from your website, you can purchase a premium theme because premium them help you rank your website on google or bing.

How To Earn Via SEO tech startup idea

After setting up your website, you can start blogging, write an informatic blog, and publish on your site. But remember, your blog should not be related to violence and porn. If you do so, your website can be banned by google. So write on technology, education, politics, health & beauty, etc. Then use SEO technics & process to attract people to read your blog. For example, when a sweet shop opens, the owner distributes a template in its neighbor area. So that people can know the new shop has been open. Similarly, you have to use SEO techniques to attract people to read your blog. Some of the seo techniques are listed below.

SEO techniques

  • Social sharing
  • Classified
  • Blog commenting
  • Guest posting etc.

When your website met google’s absence criteria, apply for Google AdSense, and start earning from home. 

2 Freelancer Website Developer

A website developer is another best tech startup idea for unemployed people. Because nowadays, everyone wants to bring its small business online. To do so, they need a good looking website. 

So if you know bootstrap, CSS, HTML, and python, you can easily survive in website development industries. You can ask your local area shops, encourage them to bring their business online, and build a responsive website.

Another option where you can take online website development work is Freelancer.IN. Open your account here and get web designing work from the entire world. 

In starting, you can give an offer like build one website and domain name free. So that people can attract to your offer and give you work.

3 Online Repaining Center(Computer/mobile/TV)

Suppose you remember when you last time went computer market for repairing your old PC. Then you have noticed that you feared from shop owners that isn’t he theft our PC parts. So if you have faced all these things, then an online repairing service is the best tech startup idea for you. But you must know how to repair computer/mobile/TV etc. So when you can reap all these things, build your website from Wix because of its very cheap website development service. And provide an online repair service in your cities.

4 Online Shops  

Online shops are another trending tech startup idea where you can sell your goods to the entire world. For this, you have to be a part of e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Because both websites have to build a trustworthy relationship amongst customers, so such kind of business, you can sell smartphones, drones, kitchen accessories, etc.

5 YouTube Channel

YouTube provides several options to earn online by uploading informative videos. Suppose you have any special skills like cooking, website development, news reporter, standup comedy, and online teacher. Then make your youtube channel and upload lots of videos of your skills and educate people. When you become popular, then google will pay you for each view, like, and subscribe.

Besides, you can also earn via youtube absence. If you ever watched any video on youtube, then you experienced any add between video. When anyone clicks on a youtube ad, then a part of small money automatically adds to your youtube account. Via googles or youtube since you can earn more than $1000 per month.


We hope this article will have to decrease your depression. And help you to start your earning place in the world. All these five tech startup ideas best for all kinds of people like students and employees. And if you need more knowledge on each tech startup ideas, then use youtube. Because its a place where lots of teachers are available for free of cost. 

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