What Exactly Does A Sales Representative Do?

What Exactly Does A Sales Representative Do?

Do you ever see any person selling any product and service to anyone? Definitely, all have seen at least one time in his life. For example, you have seen a LIC agent, who sell their services to anyone by explaining his service’s benefit. So anyone who sells any product and services to the customer called a sales representative. And a sales rep not only sells products, but they also have lots of responsibility to do. So what exactly does a sales rep do? Today you will read here.

Sales Representative Meaning

A sales rep is an intermediate person between the production company and the customer. They have the right to sell companies’ products and services to the customers. In modern business, the sales representative job is divided into two parts. One is Business to Customers(B2C) and the other is Business to Business(B2B).

So when a person sells companies product directly to customers, then it comes under B2C. while a person sells a company product to other small companies then it comes under B2B. 

Business to customer sales rep job requires to sell their product and service directly to the customer. For example, Albert is working in XYZ company. And he has to sell Pens to customers. Then he has to convince each people to buy his pen. And when any person convinces to purchase it, he can directly purchase from Albert instantly. 

While in B2B sales representative, you have to sell your product to other organizations. Like Godrej company sells his product first to small business. Then these small companies sell his product to customer. Besides, a sales representative should have complete all the below responsibility to achieve the sales target.

Responsibility of Sales Representatives

A sales representative has to complete some basic tasks to achieve attractive sales targets. Their effort can provide them promotions if they do well.

  • They have to find new customer for the companies
  • Also, they must have the quality to explain his product and services. Because most of the new customers attract by knowing the product.
  • Good relation maker: a sales rep should have the ability to make relations with new customers so that customers believe in you and buy your product regularly.
  • Quality of working with the team also important for a sales rep
  • A sales rep must up-to-date towards its product and service, for this, he can attend seminars and take help of internet to get latest updates on goods and services.
  • Well, prepare the contact detail of each customer in excel.
  • End of the day they have to send a customizable report to their boss of their sales.

A selles rep must achieve his sales target because his salary totally depends on his sales quantity. Hence a sales rep must have good knowledge of his product and services. So we hope you have understood what exactly does a sales rep do? Let’s see what more Quality a sales rep should exist.

Quality Of Sales Representative

A sales representative must have an attractive external and internal personality. The means sales rep must have good looking and good communication skills. So that he can convince anyone to purchase his goods and services. So let’s see what quality a sales rep must exist.

  • A sales rep should have confidence because his confidence easily attracts customers to buy any product.
  • He must have a pleasant personality with good communication skills.
  • Always trying to learn new, and able to know customers’ needs. Because if you know the need of customer then it will be easy to sell your product to customers.
  • Focussed on sales goals, you must focus on your goal and strong aim to achieve it.

Remember a good sales representative can grow any firm and meet his and companies sells goal. For this, you must attend product seminars and learn about your goods and services. Also, you must have some prior knowledge of customer relations management. So let’s see is there any specific education required for the sales rep position.

What Education Require To Be A Sales Rep 

Today anyone can become a sales rep if they have good communication skills and good listening skills. But some companies prefer graduation passed students and if you have any experience related to sales and customer relations management. 

  • Education in marketing prefer
  • Require Experience in selling or customer relationship management.
  • Some companies provide training for their product and services


So we hope you have understood what exactly does a sales representative does?. We have explained everything about the sales rep job and require qualification.

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